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In giro con Patty - Guida turistica Provincia Belluno

My name is Patrizia but everyone calls me Patty.

Since I was young I’ve been fascinated by cultures different from my own and by travel. Travel as a way of learning about others but also as an opportunity for personal growth.

I attended the Classical Grammar School (Liceo classico) Tiziano in Belluno and there my great passion for art, architecture and history began. I continued to deepen my knowledge of these subjects during my degree course in Public Relations, choosing the course “ The communication of touristic activities”. Besides the normal academic course I also attended theoretical/practical courses about various themes: history of art, restoration, archeology, wood inlay, architecture, local history and culture, traditions and local products of Belluno, handicraft.

Museo Civico di Belluno

Passion Professionalism Expertises

Meeting new people and learning new things is vital and natural to me, almost like breathing. Continuous learning is very important….I have never stopped studying since I started primary school! I always have a book open, some exploration to do for new itineraries, a training course to attend, a chat with local people to discover any news.

My first job was in the Province of Belluno. There I began to know my territory from many points of view: social, cultural, historical and touristic. It was a difficult period but extremely important and is the base that allows me to develop touristic itineraries in all the Bellunese territory , with the knowledge of the particular characteristics of each area. I have been a Tourist Guide for the province of Belluno since 2009 and in 2011 I passed the exam to become a Tour Leader.

Why have I chosen to work full time as a tourist guide?

Because I like to introduce the Belluno area to those who want to explore places that are in no way inferior to other more famous areas. My job fits me like a dress made to measure by a good tailor.

I really feel good!

When I accompany people who choose me for their guided visits, the sentiments I feel are joy and happiness that I have been able to transmit my knowledge and at the same time satisfy their curiosity. I do it with simplicity: my motto is “clarity”. I like to use common terms, simple phrases, because everyone can understand them. I try to do it in a humorous way, being professional but not taking myself too seriously.

Museo Civico di Belluno

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